Machane Hamishpat

“צדק צדק תרדף” – Justice, Justice you shall pursue (Deuteronomy 16:20)

These famous words in the torah reverabarate through time and have not ceased to be relevant in our era, not even for a moment. The passuk tells us that justice isn’t handed out, it must be pursued.

At Machane On Trial, chanichim will go on a journey to explore and understand judgement in their lives. We will look into our jewish past, present, and future to understand the landscape of the world around us through the scope of justice. We will look at the different values and ideals we hold, and place them “on trial”, as it were, to ensure that we are getting not only the best out of the world around us, but the best out of ourselves.

Rosh Machane – Benny Menahem