COVID Policy Fed Camp

The safety of your children is our top priority, and therefore, with guidance from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the AZYC, we have put the following policies in place to protect all chanichim, madrichim and camp staff. 


Before camp:

  1. Everyone attending camp will be required to receive a negative result on a PCR test from a government approved testing site within 72 hours of drop off on Monday morning. These results must be brought to drop off at Yavneh on Monday morning and shown through a text message or email.


  1. A Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) must be administered to your child BEFORE they arrive at drop off. Negative results must be brought to drop off on Monday morning, and checked at the sign in desk. We are able to provide one test per child, which can be picked up from Mizrachi on Sunday 19/12 (Time to be confirmed.) 


Unfortunately, should the child's PCR test result be positive, they will not be allowed on camp, and must follow the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) rules for isolating. Should the RAT test result be positive, it is your responsibility to have the child tested again with a PCR test, and only once a negative result is received may the child be brought up to camp. 


Please do not send your child to camp if they are presenting any flu-like symptoms, including a minor cold. They must only attend camp once they are feeling well AND have received a negative PCR result. 


During camp:

If throughout the duration of camp the Rosh Machane, Shaliach or medic believes a child from Melbourne is displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19, it is up to the parents to arrange pickup from camp to have their child tested as soon as possible and will only be able to return to camp once a negative result has been obtained and symptoms have subsided. In the event that a child from Sydney develops symptoms, they will be driven by the medic or a madrich/a in full PPE to get tested. They will then be able to isolate on camp in a designated room until the result is determined and symptoms have subsided. If a child from Sydney receives a positive result on a PCR test, we will be able to provide appropriate isolation facilities and supervision onsite for 1-2 days whilst their parents make arrangements for them. At this point it becomes the responsibility of the parent to ensure that their child has somewhere to stay for the duration of their isolation.


We will be diligently following COVIDsafe practices, including disinfecting high-touch surfaces, encouraging use of hand sanitiser, and opening windows and doors to allow for ventilation. When possible, activities will take place outdoors.

Please note, anyone who comes to camp after the start will be required to undertake a RAT test everyday for the rest of camp.

Refund policy:

In the unfortunate event that a child tests positive before camp, we are able to offer a full refund.