What is the difference between a Snif and a Tzevet?

A Snif is a ‘branch’ or ‘hub’ and is where chanichim and madrichim can get involved locally in Australia with Bnei Akiva.

A Tzevet is the ‘group’ or ‘team’ that leads in individual communities in Bnei Akiva Sniffim

I am interested in attending Bnei Akiva Shnat, how do I get involved?

Bnei Akiva hosts info nights in our local Sniffim about Shnat. You can also message our Rosh Shnat, point of contact for Shnat at shnat@bneiakiva.com.au to find out more details

When is Fed Camp?

Bnei Fed Camp will be held this year from the 20th-27th of December

How often are Shabbatonim and what are they?

The Shabbatonim are a flagship program of Bnei Akiva Australia which includes seminars at shules followed by regional satellite Shabbatonim in Jewish communities around Australia. The Shabbatonim usually occur between May and October in the calendar year

Who can I get in contact to get involved with Bnei Akiva?

To get involved in Bnei Akiva, please contact federal@bneiakiva.com.au or to get involved with your local community Snif, get in touch with your local Snif by clicking on your local Sniffim's page:

What is the difference between Bnei Akiva Australia and Bnei Akiva Melbourne, Sydney and Perth?

Bnei Akiva Australia is The Federal Body of Bnei Akiva in Australia. Its purpose is to bring together Chanichim and Madrichim for interstate initiatives and national events, including: Face-To-Face (For Sniffim Executives), Shabbatonim, Federal Seminars for Hadracha & Madrichim, Lulav & Etrog, Shnatsem and Fed Camp). Bnei Akiva Australia also coordinates Shnat for Bnei Akiva in its respective Sniffim in conjunction with Roshei Israel’s.

The Federal Merakez/et of Bnei Akiva Australia also sits on the AZYC Federal Executive. 

For all ideological and political matters, the local Merakzim form a Hanhaga committee with the Shlichim and Federal Merakez/et.

Bnei Akiva Australia liaises with Bnei Akiva Olami and other branches of Bnei Akiva around the world to connect, share and receive information.

Whereas local Sniffim in Melbourne Sydney and Perth independently facilitate weekly activities, led by Madrichim, and are autonomous of their: educational content, financials, local events and strategic vision for its local snif. Strategically, The Federal body serves as a guiding body for all three Sniffim. 

Bnei Akiva Australia is not a subsidiary body of local Mizrachis and as such, Mizrachi does not oversee Bnei Akiva Australia events. Mizrachi-affiliated Bnei Akiva Melbourne is encouraged, supported and guided by Mizrachi Melbourne alongside the Shlichim, Parents Committee and Hanhala.

Bnei Akiva in local Sniffim provide the following activities:

  • Weekly activities for Years 3-12 
  • Winter and Summer Camp for Junior, intermediate and Senior participants, aged between 10-18 
  • Beit Midrash learning Programs 
  • Weekly meetings on Shabbat 
  • Friday Night Shabbat and Jewish Festival Prayer services around Yom Tovim and Major festivals
  • Shabbatonim 
  • Chessed and volunteering opportunities
  • Volunteering in schools during Jewish Festivals
  • Carlebach Minyanim 
  • Mishloach Manot and Purim event 
  • Pre-Pesach BBQ 
  • Tikkun Leil Shavuot Program 
  • Lulav & Etrog packs 
  • Annual events around festivals 
  • Leadership training for Grade 11 members 
  • A community for Youth