Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Gibushon?

The Gibushon, from the Hebrew word meaning 'To combine' is a Shabbat where everyone will come together. It will be held in Melbourne from the 20th-23rd of May for Chanichim and Madrichim from Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. We aim to empower them through education to become involved and give back to their communities


Who is the Gibushon for?

The Gibushon is open to all current year 9/10/11/12s. Each year level will spend Shabbat at a different shul in Melbourne


What activities will there be on the Gibushon?

Chanichim will be running the services and assisting the community according to the needs of that shul/community sounds, receiving Chinuch about understanding the larger importance of what it means to be a Modern Orthodox Zionist Jew in the wider community and engaging in fun activities and bonding


If I did not attend the Gibushon, can I attend the Shabbatonim in the Second half of the year?

The way the Shabbatonim are structured is that in order to attend the Shabbatonim in the Second half of the year, the chanich/a has to have attended The Gibushon. So don’t think twice and sign up for the Gibushon!


I don’t think I can afford the Gibushon. What should I do?

Bnei Akiva has a policy that no one should ever miss out due to financial matters; please see the Subsidies section for more information


Where will I be staying during the Gibushon?

Chanichim and Madrichim will be billeted to people’s houses at the beginning and end of the Shabbaton. During Shabbat, Chanichim and Madrichim will be staying over at the Shule their Year Level will be at for the Shabbaton


After I sign up for the Gibushon, is there anything else Chanichim need to do?

Yes! As part of the Shabbaton bond, participating Chanichim will be required to attend Bnei Akiva in their respective Sniffim in the three weeks prior to the Shabbaton. That means the: 1st, 8th and 15th of May.

There will also be a mandatory Information Night Session that all participants are required to attend that will be held in respective states in the lead up to the Shabbaton. The date will be communicated to you via email/Social media etc.

Chanichim may also be contacted to prepare relevant activities at Shules which may include: Layning, preparing Parsha Questions, writing Dvar Torahs etc


What communities/cities are part of the Shabbatot Shlichut in the Second half of the year?

The cities for the Shabbatot Shlichut are still TBC, but we will announce these cities in due course. The cities will most likely be in states other than Victoria.


 For What year Levels are the Shabbatot Shlichut?

The Shabbatot Shlichut, which occurs between August and October are for Years 9,10 and 11 Chanichim. 


I cannot attend the Gibushon due to unforeseen circumstances/exams. Can I still be part of the Shabbatot Shlichut?

If you were unable to attend the Gibushon for legitimate reasons, it is up to the discretion of each Snif’s Hanhaga and Rosh Shabbatonim to decide whether a chanich/a would be able to attend The Shabbatot Shlichut. It is by no means that these Shabbatot Shlichut are considered ‘exclusive’, rather the idea for the Shabbatot Shlichut is that the first Shabbaton, ‘The Gibushon’ empowers and readies the Chanich/a for the second half of the year.


How much is the Gibushon?

There is an early bird fee and a regular fee for the Gibushon.

Early Bird fees ends Friday 23rd of April 11:00am AEST (Which has now closed):

Melbourne: $190

Sydney: $260

Perth: $390


Late Fee ends Thursday 29th of April at 11:59pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST. Melbourne Time), (After which sign ups will close)
*This time has been amended to the latest changes:

Melbourne: $240

Sydney: $310

Perth: $440


How will my child be transported to and from the airport?

Chanichim will be transported via bus to and from the airport


When does the programming start for the Gibushon?

On Thursday the 20th of May in the evening, Chanichim from Sydney and Perth (9,10,11) will be landing in Melbourne and travelling to billet’s houses. 

A billet system will be arranged and the program will begin on the Friday morning 21st of May.

Perth Year 12 Chanichim will be arriving Friday morning.


How the billet system will work?

We will be making sure that interstate chanichim will be matched up with at least one other friend from their own state.

All Chanichim from their Year level will be billeted at Melbournians from the same Year level.

E.g. Year 9s from interstate at Year 9 Melbournians houses, Year 10s from interstate at Year 10 Melbournians houses.