Details will be available closer to camp

Stay tuned and get excited!

What are the dates of camp?

Camp is from the Monday 20th - Monday 27th December


What is the cost of camp?

Early bird - until Nov 18, 11:59AM, $695
Late bird - until Nov 30, 11:59PM $740 (no flight for Syd)
Sleepy bird - until Dec 10, 11:59PM $770 (no flight for Syd)


Will there be any adults on camp?

Yes, adults will be overlooking and providing extra supervision on the camp. 


Can I get a refund if my child no longer wants to go on camp but I have already paid and signed him up?

It is our policy that we do not offer refunds. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, a refund will be issued at the discretion of the Rosh Machane, Federal Merakez or Federal Shlicha.


How will my children be getting to and from camp?


Chanichim from Sydney will be flying to and from Melbourne. They will be required to make their own way to the airport at the start of camp and home from the airport at the end.


As we continue to receive guidance from the Department of Health, AZYC and medical professionals, please note that there may be further changes to our Covid policy.


All chanichim are expected to be at drop off on Monday 16th December. Busses are expected to leave at approximately 9:30am and travel to the campsite.


What if my child can only come for some of the camp?

We highly recommend that your child comes for the full time of camp, as this will ensure the best and most rewarding experience. However, if there are special circumstances, we ask that you speak to the Rosh Machane, and they will consider it based on the situation.


Are there emergency services near the campsite?

Rosebud hospital as well as Rosebud fire station are in close proximity to the campsite approximately a 20 minute drive. 


Will there be any medics/doctors on camp?

Yes, a fully trained medic will be present throughout camp.  


For all other questions, please contact:

Rosh Machane: Noah Epstein – camp@bneiakiva.com.au – 0457 872 843
Sganit Rosh Machane: Amira Waller – 0419 507 521
Federal Shlicha – Yiscah Goodman  – shaliach@bneiakiva.com.au - +972 54-979-7708
Federal Merakez: Eddy Lichtig - federal@bneiakiva.com.au - 0409 613 295