Bnei Akiva Australia has a strict no bullying policy on all of our camps. This includes verbal and non-verbal forms of bullying. If any issues arise on camp, we prefer to deal with those issues at the time of occurrence so that it doesn’t happen again. Our madrichim are highly skilled at dispelling conflict and solving problems between chanichim. Any bullying problems will have not only their attention but the Rosh Machane and Shlicha will be made aware as to the situation and will take action accordingly.

Should we determine it necessary, we will not hesitate to ask chanichim to leave camp and we ask that parents be available for contact and pick up if this should occur.



Any Chanich/a who wilfully causes destruction or damage to the campsite, or property belonging to the campsite, Bnei Akiva or to any of the Chanichim or Madrichim, will pay for the repair and be responsible for compensation to the camp for the damage caused. 

Should we determine it necessary, we will not hesitate to ask chanichim to leave camp and we ask that parents be available for contact and pick up if this should occur.


Refund policy:

In the event that camp is cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions or a Covid-19 outbreak, we cannot promise a full refund for camp fees. We will try our best to recover all the losses- the following outlines the different cancellation scenarios:

  • If camp is cancelled before the 12th of December: Full refund minus $200.
  • If camp is cancelled between December 13th-17th: Full refund minus $240.
  • If camp is cancelled between December 18th-20th: Full refund minus $320.

In any scenario we will try to recover any fees paid to vendors; the maximum calculated losses are shown above. Please note that this may be subject to change, but in any case, we will provide as close to a full refund as possible. 

In the scenario that we are faced with a numbers cap due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will be admitting chanichim on a first come first serve basis. Any sign ups made after a potential numbers cap will be refunded as per above. 


Mobile phone:

We strongly encourage that phones are not brought to camp and are rather left at home. Should phones be brought to camp they must not be used during tochniot, activities or meal times. Phone use is strictly limited to free time. If a chanich is to use their phone during any of the specified times, they will be asked once to put it away. Should they continue to use their phone at an inappropriate time, their madrichchim are encouraged to take the phone away for the remainder of the day.

Any inappropriate or disrespectful use of phones or any bullying through the use of mobile devices will result in immediate confiscation of the device, and possibly grounds to be sent home from camp.

We highly recommend that you speak to your child/children about our no phone policy and encourage them to not take their phones.



Girls are expected to wear skirts to their knees and are not allowed to wear singlets or sleeveless tops. Outside of davening and on shabbat, girls are allowed to wear baggy pants. 

Boys are expected to wear a kippah (or some sort of head covering), tzizit at appropriate times and are also not allowed to wear singlet/tank tops or short shorts. 

Boys and girls will be sleeping separately and therefore no boys are allowed in girls’ rooms and no girls are allowed in boys’ rooms. This is something we take extremely seriously on camp and will not tolerate. Should a girl be found in a boy’s room or vice versa there will be serious consequences and this is grounds to be sent home from camp.



There is a beach connected to the campsite. Chanichim will only be allowed access with the accompaniment of a Madrich/a, and furthermore will only have permission to swim under the supervision of a qualified lifeguard. This is for your child's safety. If any Chanich/a is caught on the beach unauthorised and unaccompanied there will be serious consequences, and if we see fit they will be sent home. 


General policies:

All tefila sessions are compulsory for everyone on the campsite. Participation throughout all tochniot, activities and meals are compulsory.

Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and other illicit substances are strictly prohibited from camp. Anyone caught in possession of these will be sent home immediately. 

As previously stated Bnei Akiva does not tolerate any form of bullying. Chanichim will face serious consequences should they be found to have bullied and will possibly be asked to leave camp.