The Bnei Akiva Australia Shabbatonim for 2022 will take place in two parts:

  1. The Kehillaton (13-14 May - Melb/ 20-21 May - Syd/Perth): A weekend away, being part of smaller local communities with a focus on preparing for the second component. 
  2. Shabbatot Shlichut (August- October): The second set of Shabbatontonim will provide Chanichim with opportunities to engage with and boost small Jewish communities around Australia.  


‘The Kehillaton’

This Shabbaton will be held in Melbourne from 13-14 of May and Sydney and Perth on the 20-21 of May, involving Chanichim and Madrichim from Sydney, Perth and Melbourne empowering them educationally and to bring/give back to their states.

The Shabbaton is open to all current: Year 9s,10s,11s and 12s. In Melbourne, years 9-10 and 11-12 will be together in two separate shules. In Sydney, years 7-11 will be hosted together and in Perth, years 9-11 will be hosted together.

One of our aims for this weekend is to engage with the wider community.

Alongside great social bonding, Chanichim will have the opportunity to assist the communities where they will spend Shabbat such as running services or sharing a Dvar Torah.

The content Chanichim will receive will include educational programming about understanding the larger importance of what it means to be a Modern Orthodox Zionist Jew in the wider community and understanding what it means to give and to receive.

This Kehillaton creates the precedence for the Shabbatot Shlichut that will then be held in the second half of the year. 


‘Shabbatot Shlichut’  Delegation Shabbatonim August-October

Between August and October there will be opportunities for small delegations of 8-10 peopleto be sent to regional Jewish communities around Australia.

Before these Shabbatonim, Chanichim will learn about each of these communities and their needs in sessions facilitated by each respective community.

Requirements to attend the Shabbatot Shlichut are as follows:

  • To have attended The Kehillaton
  • Completing an application form with specific questions pertaining to one’s interest in these Shabbatonim

The goal of the Shabbatot Shlichut is to empower Chanichim to assist the communities they will be visiting, according to the needs of each community. Together with the assistance of Madrichim, Chanichim will have the opportunity to contribute in many aspects of the Shabbat including organisations, logistics and consultation with the respective communities.