How much does camp cost?

Camp price is $640, or with the early bird discount* $620.
*Early bird will end midnight Sunday, 19th of May.
Signup all your children at the same time and save an additional $10 per child!

For your convenience, the following table shows the total cost of camp for 1 through 4 children.

1 child 2 children 3 children 4 children
Early Bird $620 $1230 $1830 $2420
Regular $640 $1270 $1890 $2500
Late $670 $1330 $1980 $2620


Signups close midnight Monday, 17th June. A limited number of late signups may be accepted depending on numbers, however a late fee of $30 per child will apply.

Year 3 chanichim have the option to come on camp for 3 nights, from the 1-4 of July!!! We would love them to come and experience their first Bnei camp.
The early bird price for this is $435, regular price is $455 and late fee is $485.


What are the dates of camp?
Camp runs from Monday the 1st of July until Sunday the 7th of July


What time should my child be dropped off for camp on Monday the 1st of July?
For security reasons, information will be provided in an email closer to the time of camp. Expect drop off to be at around 8:30am


What time should my child be picked up on Sunday 7th of July?
Pick-up will be at approximately 2pm. We will be in touch with parents with any relevant updates and changes in arrival time throughout the day.


Will there be any adults on camp?
Yes, we have our wonderful Shlichim, Mihal Epstein and Matti Borowski, who will be there for the entire duration of camp


Does my child have to come for the whole camp?
Yes, in order for your child to maximise their experience, we ask that they be present for the entire duration of camp. Exceptions apply to year 3s and year 12s.
For special circumstances, please contact the Roshei Machane or the Shlichim.
It is also an expectation of chanichim to attend all activities and programs throughout camp to ensure they gain the most out of their camp experience.


Will there be medical personnel on camp?
Yes, there will be a qualified medical staff on hand during the duration of camp.
Please note if your child becomes sick over the duration of camp, our medical staff can make the call to send them home.
If the decision is made to send a child home due to sickness, it will be non-negotiable, and it is the parents responsibility to organise a lift home. Over Shabbat, there will be another qualified medic present.


Is there a refund policy?
It is our policy that we do not offer refunds. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, a refund will be issued at the discretion of the Roshei Machane and/or Shlichim.


Will there be Tuckshop?
Yes! Whilst signing your child up for camp, you will be given the option to give them money for tuckshop.


When are sign ups closing?
Sign ups will close on Monday, the 17th June. 


For all other questions, please contact:


Rosh Machane Juniors (year 3-6)
Sivan Blitman
0449 079 741

Rosh Machane intermediates/seniors (year 7-12)
Zac Maidenberg
0478 930 157

Mihal Epstein
0431 637 888