What are the dates of camp?
Camp runs from the 28 th of June until the 4 th of July

What time should my child be at camp on Monday the 28 th of July?
Drop-off is at 9am. For safety reasons, the drop-off location will be provided in an email closer to
the date of camp.

What time should my child be picked up on Sunday 4th of July?
Pick-up will be at approximately 2pm. We will be in touch with parents with any relevant updates
and changes in arrival time throughout the day.

Will there be any adults on camp?
Yes, we have our wonderful Shlichim, Motty and Yisca Goodman, who will be there for the entire duration of camp!

Can my child come up for part of camp?
No, we ask that if you send your child to camp that they are present for the whole of camp. Exceptions apply to Grade 3’s and Grade 12’s. For special circumstances please contact our
Shaliach Motty on 0435 752 266.

Will there be medical personnel on camp?
Yes, there will be a qualified medical staff on hand during the duration of camp. Please note if
your child becomes sick over the duration of camp, our medical staff can make the call to send
them home in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines. If the decision is made to send a child
home due to sickness, it will be non negotiable.

Will I be refunded if camp is cancelled because of COVID?

Please see our Policy page

Will there be Tuckshop?

Yes! You will be able to add tuckshop credit for your kids during signup. Please contact the
Rosh Machane for more details.

When are sign ups closing?

Sign ups will close on the 21st of June

For all other questions, please contact:
Rosh Machane Junior – Drew Feiglin
melb.juniorcamp@bneiakiva.com.au – 0450 404 545
Rosh Machane Intermediate/Senior – Roni Lipshut
melb.camp@bneiakiva.com.au – 0456 111 072
Shaliach – Motty Goodman
mottygood@gmail.com – 0435 752 266