Deep below the earth, exists hot molten lava. Dig a little deeper, and you will find yourself at the earth’s crust. Even deeper, and you arrive at the Earth’s very inner core.

But if every man or woman is akin to a world, what is our core? What makes us who we are?

MachUNEARTH will explore what is at our inner core, with the aim of unearthing our potential as young, Jewish, and intellectual thinkers, to truly discover who we are as the Jewish nation and as the youth of our community.


When: 1 - 7 July 2019
Early Bird Discount ends: 5th June
Extra late sign up fee from: 22nd June

Please see FAQ's for camp sign-up costs and early/late fees.
Sign ups close: 26th June

Rosh Machane (Juniors) - Natan Kessler - 0400 767 117
Rosh Machane (Intermediates and Seniors) - Ellie Moskow - - 0466 097 511
Shlichim - Motti and Yiscah Goodman - - 0435 752 266

Are you eligible for a camp subsidy voucher?

Anyone can apply, but priority will be given to public school students, those who have never been on an AZYC camp before, or those in year 6 and above.
Click HERE NOW for the opportunity to apply for a $200 camp subsidy voucher!
This initiative has been proudly supported by The Eva and Les Erdi Humanitarian Charitable Foundation

Request a Subsidy/Payment Plan

We have a policy that no child should should miss out on camp due to financial difficulties.

For any financial assistance/subsidies/payment plans, please click on the "Subsidy/Payment Plan" button which will redirect you to a form. Once this form is completed, it will be reviewed by our Shaliach and Treasurer who will then send you an email to let you know if your request has been approved. Please be patient in receiving a response.

The Subsidy/Payment Plan form will close the week before camp, on the 23rd of June 2019