Refund Policy
A refund will not be provided if a parent decides to withdraw their child from attending camp. A partial or full refund may be provided in certain circumstances, at the discretion of the Roshei Machane and/or Shlichim.

Rules of conduct at camp
In order to ensure that camp is as educational, successful, organised, inclusive and safe as possible, we ask that parents help support the Roshei Machaneh, Shlichim and Madrichim by reading the following with their children and making sure that they are aware of and understand the Rules of Conduct at Camp.

If a child has a medical condition or special requirements, it must be made known to either of the Roshei Machs and the medics before camp.
Every child must maintain their hygiene throughout camp. Sanitiser will also be dispensed before and after every meal.
Every child must have a hat, water bottle and warm clothes available to them at camp.
Chanichim must stay within the boundaries set by their madrichim throughout camp. This includes leaving the campsite or entering any lake/rivers/oceans without explicit permission.
There are to be NO illicit drugs, alcohol or raiding equipment (shaving cream, water balloons, swiss army knives etc…) on camp. If found, it will be confiscated and NOT be returned after camp.
Bnei Akiva Winter Camp is a strict NUT-FREE and KOSHER camp. Any food brought to camp by your child must be kosher certified, and nut free. Any non-kosher and/or nut-containing foods found on camp will be confiscated.
Chanichim are strictly prohibited from leaving the campsite or entering any lakes / rivers / oceans without explicit permission from the Roshei Machaneh or Shlichim. NO children are allowed in the kitchen at any time. If they have special requirements or requests, they must wait outside to be addressed by a member of the kitchen crew or a madrich/a.

Bnei Akiva does not accept responsibility for valuable items brought to camp.
If a child is the cause of damages to the campsite or public property, payment may be required from the parents of the child depending on the nature of the damages.

Mobile Phones:
Mobile phone policy is dependent on year level.

Mobile phones and devices are NOT permitted on Junior Camp to ensure optimal social experience and immersion.
In the case that your child does bring their phone, they will be required to hand it in to be kept in a secure location for the duration of camp.
Junior Chanichim will be able to call home through their Madrichim when necessary, however please be aware that phone reception is very poor, and therefore there will not be consistent contact between you and your child.
Any important and urgent information that needs to be relayed between you and your child throughout camp will be done via our Shlichim and the Roshei Machane.


We will operate with a ‘sign in/sign out’ policy in order to enrich the camp experience for intermediate chanichim.

Sign in:
Upon arrival at camp, chanichim hand in their phone to their Madrichim who will be collecting them and storing them in a secure location (under the watch of the Rosh Machane). Please note, handing in fake phones will not be tolerated and consequences are at the discretion of the Roshei Machane and Shlichim.
Sign out:
When appropriate, during free time, chanichim have an opportunity to sign their phones out, meaning they have a chance to chat with family whilst still being present on camp. Madrichim will keep a list of chanichim with their phones to ensure that we are keeping all devices safe.

We do understand that this means that you may not be able to always contact your child on camp, however, if you need to speak to them, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Roshei Machane or their madrichim.
Please assist us in ensuring you are on board with this policy and that your child is aware of the rules prior to camp.


We encourage senior Chanichim to leave their phones at home. Should Chanichim bring their mobile phone on camp, they can only be used during free time and/or at the discretion of Madrichim.
Inappropriate use of mobile phones on camp will result in a disciplinary process, with the potential for the phone to be confiscated for some or all of camp, or being sent home.

When packing, please make sure all items adhere to the laws of tzniut (modesty):
Girls: No miniskirts or shorts, tank/singlet tops, no tshirts with cap sleeves and no leggings worn by themselves. A skirt must be worn for every tefilla, benching and on Shabbat. Baggy pants may be worn outside of these times.
Boys: no tank/singlet tops and no inappropriate length shorts. Boys are expected to wear a kippah (or a head covering) and tzitzit at all times.

Bnei Akiva has a zero tolerance for behaviour that endangers the safety of the individual and/or others, and behaviour that we deem unacceptable and inappropriate – disregard for authority, ignoring campsite and Bnei rules, vulgarity, bullying, etc.
Illicit drugs, alcohol, inappropriate reading material and raiding materials are absolutely banned from camp. Possession of any such items provides grounds for expulsion from camp at the parents’ expense.
Please assist us in ensuring that you are familiar with this policy, and that your child is aware of the rules prior to camp, to make sure that there is no misunderstanding.

Breach of these rules will be subject to disciplinary procedures on Winter Camp, which may include exclusion from some activities or being sent home from camp. It will be the responsibility of the parents to arrange pickup should your child be sent home, and the decision of the Roshei Machane and/or Shlichim is final.
Please note that the above rules operate in addition to the terms of the Indemnity Form.

Going Home Policy:
In the event that your child is sick and the medic has decided that they can no longer be at camp for their own safety and the safety of others, the decision is final and parents must arrange a pickup. The medic / doctor will be in direct communication with parents.
There are to be no surprise pickups or visits. We have a very strict security protocol and anyone planning on coming up to camp for whatever reason must notify the Roshei Machane and Shlicha.
In the event that your child breaches the Rules of Conduct at Camp and is sent home, it will be the responsibility of the parents to arrange pickup, and the decision of the Roshei Machane and/or Shlicha is final.