Join us on our journey through the Earth Kingdom, Water Tribes, Fire Nation and Air Nomads as we master all elements, to become the AVATAR. This camp we put our skills and courage at test to cross the world and unearth all the different elements which Judaism comprises. On this epic feat, we will learn what it means to be a Jew, compiling all factors to answer the question: “What actually is Judaism?”


When: 15th-19th December 2021
Early Bird:
- Full camp one child: $310
- Full camp two children: $610
- Full camp three children: $900

1st of November - Early bird will finish and the prices will increase by $10:
29th of November - Signups will incur a late fee and the prices will increase by a further $20.

Signups close on the 10th of December

Rosh Machane – Aaron Grolman - – 0403 788 320
Merakezet - Hadassa Solomon - – 0410 385 872

Request a Subsidy/Payment Plan

We have a policy that no child should miss out on camp due to financial difficulties.
Please contact our Gizbarit to discuss any financial assistance/subsidies/payment plans:
Gizbarit – Eden Paletz - – 0424 647 755