Machanesquick and the Middot Factory:

This camp we will not only be filled with hot chocolate to warm our hands, but also middot to warm our souls. The chanichim will learn to use their ‘golden ticket’ (life) through tochniot that will help them develop their middot. Camp will dive into the lives of some of the main characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, who display strong personalities, with clear, central middot.


When: 14-19 July 2020
- Full camp one child: $340
- Full camp two children: $670
- Full camp three children: $990
For Junior pricing please refer to the Day Camp Form

Co Rosh Machane - Alyza Taub - - 0451 979 970
Co Rosh Machane - Eli Cinamon - - 0424 356 996
Shlichim - Ester Lavi - - 0414 711 706

Request a Subsidy/Payment Plan

We have a policy that no child should miss out on camp due to financial difficulties.
Please contact our Shlicha or Gizbarit to discuss any financial assistance/subsidies/payment plans:
Shlicha - Ester Lavi - - 0414 711 706
Gizbarit - Chloe Bettane - - 0468476307