Machane TM:

No, the TM does not stand for ‘trademark’, ‘Terrible mood’ or even ‘Tasty mango’. It stands for ‘Time Machine’ and is the focus of this camp.

We will be travelling back to the years of the Tanach, as well as more recent history in order to show the timelessness of Judaism and its values through looking at leaders that we have had and have today. We will also explore the different qualities of certain historical leaders of Judaism showing that they are still relevant today.



When: 16-21 July 2019
Rosh Machane - Yoni Ellert - 0422 423 720
Shlichim - Ester and Gilad Lavi - 0414 711 706


Request a Subsidy/Payment Plan

We have a policy that no child should should miss out on camp due to financial difficulties.

Please contact our Shlicha to discuss any financial assistance/subsidies/payment plans:

Shlicha - Ester Lavi - - 0414 711 706