What you'll need:

  • Red and green paper
  • Scissors
  • Hole puncher
  • Paper fasteners (or staples)



  1. Cut the red paper into 6 strips (10cm x 2cm) - you can cut more if you want.
  2. Cut out the leaf for the apple with the scissor and green paper.
  3. Punch holes on each end of the red strips (try to make the hole around the same place on each strip) and one hole in the leaf.
  4. Lay the strips in a circle so they are spaced evenly.
  5. Use the paper fastener  or staple to keep these the strips of paper together.
  6. Pull up each of the other ends around and together again to create a sphere and pin again


  1. Download and print out template (click here to download the template)
  2. Cut along the solid lines
  3. Fold semi circles inward along lines so their point is facing inwards
  4. Fold up the sides without crowns
  5. Fold up the sides with crowns and slot them each into the other’s slit
  6. Enjoy!