Machane Yehuda

In our communities, we are exposed to our culture…but how many more pieces are there in the puzzle called Judaism? There are so many ways to find yourself and your Judaism. On Machane Yehuda we will explore the diversities and complexities in varying customs, beliefs, and practices within Judaism, rediscovering and unleashing our individual heritages. The Jerusalem shuk, Machane Yehuda, is a place where cultures mingle and thrive – let’s join them in achdut and let our inherited diversities shine!


When: 16-21 July 2019
Early Bird Discount ends: June 20th
Please see FAQ's for camp sign-up costs and early bird fees.
Sign ups close: July 8th

Rosh Machane - Shayna Aharon - - 0430 720 537

Sganit Rosh Machane - Adira Steinman - 0455 266 758

Shlichim - Royi and Aimee Bercovici - - 0426 739 809

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