Sydney Winter Camp

Mini Mach

Our theme for this year’s Winter Program is ‘Mini Mach’ and holds the message that “Good things come in Small Packages”.  In our current circumstances, we have all been challenged to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, to understand the importance of the smaller and more insignificant aspects of our lives and to appreciate and encourage our Chanichim to be grateful for all the good that surrounds them in these unimaginable times. Mini Mach is an opportunity for Chanichim to finally reconnect with their Madrichim and their peers in a fun, educational and personable manner. We wish to encourage our Chanichim throughout this week that sometimes less is more and small change can have mega impact. We are extremely excited and can’t wait to #thinklittle together.

DetailsWhen: 7th- 10th July 2020
Sign ups close: July 6th

Co Rosh Machane - Ayelet Rev - - 0435 024 245
Co Rosh Machane - Chana Zinn - - 0407 706 630

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