1. To sign up for Bnei Akiva camp the child must be in Years 2-11 and accept the "Rules of Conduct at Camp" as specified below. 
  2. Please ensure that you send your child to camp when they are in good health.  If a Chanich/a is unwell prior to camp or unable to attend, please contact the Roshei Machaneh to discuss.
    1. I will not send my child to Winter Camp if they have any symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 as outlined by NSW health. 
    2. I will ensure to take my child’s temperature before sending them to camp, and agree to have their temperature subsequently checked every day by - - madrichim.
    3. If my child presents with a temperature of 37.5ºC or higher I will not send them to camp.
    4. If throughout the day any of the Camp Tzevet believe my child is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 as outlined by NSW health, and this is subsequently confirmed by our doctor, it is my responsibility to pick them up or arrange for them to be picked up.
    5. If my child has been in contact with anyone who is self-quarantining or has a family member self-quarantining in their home in the two weeks leading up to camp, I must provide written confirmation that they have completed a COVID-19 test with a negative result, prior to coming on camp.
    6. My child understands that they will treat all COVID-19 rules and restrictions that are put into place by Bnei Akiva with complete respect.
  3. Please ensure that you have completed all the necessary registration forms and payments prior to camp.
  4. We ask that parents share with the camp management (Roshei Machaneh and / or Camp Medic) any relevant personal, health or behavioural circumstances that may affect the Chanich/a’s behaviour and / or welfare at camp. These disclosures will of course remain highly confidential. 


Rules of Conduct at Camp

In order to ensure that camp is as educational, successful, organised, inclusive and safe as possible, we ask that parents help support the Roshei Machane and Madrichim by reading the following with their children and making sure that they are aware of and understand the Rules of Conduct at Camp:

  1. All Chanichim are expected to treat all members of the camp with respect, inclusion and dignity at all times. All forms of physical, mental and sexual abuse are strictly prohibited.
  2. There is a strict ‘no bullying’ policy on camp. This includes verbal and non-verbal forms of bullying.
  3. Any Chanich/a who wilfully causes destruction or damage to any site we visit, or property belonging to the Mizrachi, Bnei Akiva or to any of the Chanichim or Madrichim, shall pay for the repair and / or be responsible for the compensation to the location for the damage caused. 
  4. The Chanich/a shall adhere to the instructions of the camp staff at all times.
  5. The use / possession of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, hookahs, pornography and / or illegal activities is strictly prohibited on camp. 
  6. Mobile Phones
    1. For Junior Chanichim (Years 2 -6) - Mobile Phones and other electronic devices are prohibited on camp entirely, and Madrichim will confiscate a phone or electronic if seen, to be returned at the end of camp. Chanichim will have the ability to call at the end of the day when waiting to be picked up.
    2. We encourage Intermediate (Years 7-8) and Senior (Years 9-11) Chanichim to leave their phones at home. Should Chanichim bring their mobile phone on camp, they can only be used during free time and / or at the discretion of Madrichim. They are prohibited from being brought into tochniot unless expressly required. Inappropriate use of mobile phones on camp will result in a disciplinary process, with the potential for the phone to be confiscated for some or all of camp.  
  7. Girls are expected to wear skirts to their knees. 
  8. Boys are expected to wear a kippah (or a head covering) and tzitzit. 
  9. Chanichim and Chanichot are not allowed to wear singlet/tank tops, sleeveless tops or short shorts.
  10. Chanichim are strictly prohibited from entering any lakes / rivers / oceans without explicit permission from the Roshei Machaneh or Shlichim. 

Breach of these rules will be subject to disciplinary procedures on camp, which may include exclusion from some activities or exclusion from the camp.