What are the dates of camp?
Camp runs from the 6th - 11th July

What time should my child be at camp on Tuesday 6th of July?
Drop-off at the Jewish Centre at 9:00am.

What time should my child be picked up on Sunday 11th of July?
Pick-up at the Jewish Centre at 12:30pm.

Where is the camp located?
Fairbridge Village, Fairbridge Road, Southwest Hwy, Pinjarra, Western Australia, 6208

Will there be any adults on camp?
Yes, we have our wonderful Shlicha, Ester Lavi who will be with us for the entire duration of camp!

Can my child come up for part of camp?
No, we ask that if you send your child to camp that they are present for the whole of camp. For special circumstances please contact our Shlicha Ester on 0414 711 706.

Will there be medical personnel on camp?
Yes, a full time doctor will be on call. This is in addition to a qualified first aider on site with us throughout the entire camp. Please note if your child becomes sick over the duration of camp, our doctor can make the call to send them home in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines. If the decision is made to send a child home due to sickness, it will be non negotiable.

Will there be Shekem (tuckshop)?
Yes! The Gizbar has decided to have a mostly cashless camp. It is preferable to please create an account but GOLD COINS will be accepted.

Please contact our Gizbarit Eden Paletz for more details. perth.gizbar@bneiakiva.com.au - 0424 647 755

For all other questions, please contact:
Rosh Machane - Kaila Wainstein - perth.camp@bneiakiva.com.au - 0401 461 426
Shlicha - Ester Lavi - Perth.shlichim@bneiakiva.com.au 0414 711 706