Summer Camp FAQ’s

What are the dates of camp?
Camp is from the 19th-23rd December

Where is camp located?
For security reasons, we only disclose the campsite location closer to the date of camp. It is an excellent campsite, about hour and a half out of Sydney.

What is the cost of camp?

Yrs 2-6 Early Bird Price

1st Child - $460.00
2nd Child - $450.00
3rd Child - $440.00

After December 1st, the camp price will increase by $40 per person
Please note that the cost of credit card transactions have been reduced to 1.05%, down from the usual 3% as we are using a different payment system.

Are there emergency services near the campsite?
There is a hospital, as well as fire and police stations all located within a 15-20 minutes drive from the campsite.

Will there be any adults on camp?

Will there be any medics/doctors on camp?
Yes, We have a medic joining us for the whole of camp.

How will my children be getting to and from camp?
All chanichim will be taking a bus to and from the campsite.

For all other questions, please contact:
Rosh Machane - Dassi Taub - - 0499116899