What are the dates of camp?
Camp runs from:
Years 2-6 → 17-21 December
Years 7-11→ 17-23 December

Where is camp located?
For security reasons, we only disclose the campsite location closer to the date of camp. It is an excellent campsite, about 2 hours out of Sydney.

What is the cost of camp?

Early Bird Price 1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child
Yrs 2-6  $  450.00  $  450.00  $  440.00
Yr 7-10  $  630.00  $  630.00  $  630.00
Yr 11 Madatzim  $  400.00 - Full week at Camp  $  260.00 -   5 days at Camp

Will there be any adults on camp?
Yes, there will be a couple joining us on camp who will ensure that your children are being well looked after.

Will there be any medics/doctors on camp?
Yes, We have a medic joining us for the whole of camp.

How will my children be getting to and from camp?
Transport to and from campsite will be via bus.

For all other questions, please contact:
Co Rosh Machane - Dalia Goldberg - syd.camp@bneiakiva.com.au - 0433655043
Co Rosh Machane - Jenna Oberstein - syd.camp@bneiakiva.com.au - 0431 570 385‬