Welcome to Bnei Akiva Australia!

Bnei Akiva is more than just a youth movement. It’s about living a lifestyle, being part of a community and, most of all, being part of an incredible journey.

Learning about Judaism in fun and innovative ways, discovering Israel and Zionism, making new friends, and meeting excellent role models to learn from are all part of what Bnei Akiva’s about.

Bnei Akiva runs weekly educational activities, summer camps, Israel programs and so much more! 

In an age where money talks, the movement is a counter-culture where volunteering, idealism and passion are what matters. It creates the most beautiful of cycles, where madrichim become role models and inspire their chanichim to join the Bnei Akiva journey.

There really is something for everyone. Bnei Akiva is a special place for young people to meet in a positive, safe and exciting environment.

We invite you to BA part of the Bnei Akiva family!

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