Child Protection

We take our responsibility seriously to create an environment that is caring and safe.

Bnei Akiva Australia work extensively with children in all our activities and as such, we believe that safety is at the forefront of our activities and have policies and procedures in place to protect children and young people.

Bnei Akiva Australia under the AZYC work with the Australian Childhood Foundation and have implemented the ‘AZYC Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy’ that seeks to protect our Chanichim from child abuse and neglect, and maintain a safe environment in which Chanichim feel comfortable to be in.

Bnei Akiva Australia take our responsibility seriously to create an environment that is caring and safe primarily because we recognise such an environment is essential for educating, empowering and impassioning Jewish youth. Moreover, we are committed to safeguarding children and ensuring that all young people who attend our activities, camps and seminars are protected from harm.

Bnei Akiva Australia’s commitment to create a safe environment for all children is endorsed and approved at the highest levels of the AZYC and at the highest levels of our parent body, the Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA).

In line with this commitment, Bnei Akiva Australia has adopted safety guidelines, which are divided into two main areas: firstly, how to protect children from intentional abuse and neglect and, secondly, how to protect children from physical injury. These guidelines are not intended to be a burden; they are designed to be a tool to help the movements ensure that all their activities are safe to a very high degree.

We are committed to safeguarding young people in our care and ensuring that they feel and are safe.

The policy from the AZYC applies to all Bnei Akiva Australia leaders (including persons who would have any authority or decision making responsibility for children who may not be identified as a ‘leader’) over the age of 18 (even if those leaders are in year 11) and to all Shlichim.

Director of Child Protection

Ronen Kanski | m: 0452 477 726