Shnat Blog #6 – Kayitz Zman – By Benji Kalkopf

The last several weeks at Eretz have been a wonderfully unique, though challenging experience. Whilst we sadly said goodbye to the Americans and Brits that we have become close friends to over the last 6 months, we began the intense Kayitz zman period in the Yeshiva. Having only the MTAs together learning and split amongst the Rabbenim, means that we are in an environment where we can excel in our skills of reading, translating, interpreting and applying texts. To be able to be given close attention by the amazing teachers here is a unique experience to the Eretz kayitz zman period. Moreover, we have been encouraged to approach our teachers with questions and interests in a variety of Judaic topics so that personalised shiurim could be created to cater to such requests; they have certainly been valued and interesting. Additionally, Eretz has treated us to tiyulim around Yerushalayim tackling different periods of Israeli and Jewish history ranging from biblical times to recent events in our own lifetime. It has been a welcome change from traditional classes as well as having given us a greater appreciation for our surrounding environment where we spend our year. Needless to say, I have loved our Kayitz zman experience and cannot wait to see what the next 6 months of MTA at Eretz will bring.




Benji Kalkopf, Melbourne, MTA, Eretz