Shnat blog #2 – Amit at a glance – By Rebecca Wein

After a very busy first month of settling in, and acclimatising to our surroundings, we were ready for the next jam packed month that awaited us at Midreshet Amit. The month of March began with a class shabbaton at one of our teachers in Modiin, for our hilchot shabbat class- where we were able to truly appreciate the uniqueness of shabbat after having learnt the laws in depth. Throughout the following few weeks, as well as our everyday learning we were provided the opportunities to tour the shuk and daven vatiken at the kotel on Rosh Chodesh- allowing us to be truly immersed in an authentic Jerusalem lifestyle experience. We then had our second MTA Shabbat, where we were hosted by wonderful families in Migdal Haemek- and learnt about the history of this northern Yeshuv and enjoyed the company of over 60 of our MTA friends. This shabbat allowed us to form closer connections with each other, and was a beautiful and relaxed shabbat.



The next week we ran the Jerusalem marathon where we raised money for Tikvot, Bnei Akiva and Mizrachi, which was followed by a delicious afterparty to celebrate our completion of the marathon. It was incredible to run through the streets of Jerusalem with Jews from all over the world, but especially to run representing Bnei Akiva was an honour. The following shabbat we spent with our friends from Limmud and Yeshivat Eretz Hatzvi, hosted in the central Jerusalem suburb of Baka.



Throughout the following week, a few of us attended a panel organised by bogrim of Bnei Akiva, where a representative of 7 of the Israeli political parties were interviewed and able to explain various of their parties policies. We also witnessed a few tense arguments between the candidates, which made the night all the more interesting. The next week we went with our Midrasha to Sderot and hosted a carnival for a fellow Amit school, as well as visiting the border of Gaza and learning about the complex history of the site. Rosh chodesh Adar then fell upon us, bringing with it a month of joy and fun activities organised by the Midrasha. We spent our 2 day Purim in Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem, dressing up and enjoying the festivities of this joyous chag.



Next we had a few free shabbatot, followed by our 3 day masa (journey) in the North and all too soon our pesach chofesh began! Nearly all of MTA enjoyed the Tel Aviv sun for our few days of chofesh before Pre- Pesach seminar and we’re all very excited for the next few weeks!

Rebecca Wein, Melbourne, MTA – Midreshet Amit