On Friday afternoon, I made the exciting decision to return to Israel. I frantically packed my bags in the 30 short minutes before Shabbos, and then straight after Shabbos went out, we were off.


Armed with our letters and documentation proving our allowance to leave Australia and entry into Israel, we embarked on our journey. Despite a few hiccups in the airport, we finally made it onto the plane, and our passage to Israel had officially began. Traveling during the Coronavirus pandemic is truly like living through history. Masks had to be worn at all times, and the air stewards were enshrouded in a sort of hazmat suit. Flying to Doha was an interesting experience but we were excited to meet the girls from Melbourne in Qatar. From there, we flew through Athens which a few of us were super excited that we made it to Greece during our gap year, and after a long day of travel our plane had finally touched down into Israel.





We disembarked the plane and were immediately filled with excitement. After making our way through countless rounds of questioning and interviews, (and trying to locate a lost suitcase), we walked out from baggage claim, through the empty foyer and out into the Israeli air. We made our way to Migdal Oz, where our dreams to return had finally become a reality.


Quarantining in Migdal Oz was an experience that I will cherish forever. Personally, I wouldn’t call it quarantine, rather Midreshet Harova’s own bed and breakfast. Meals were delivered to our door and Shiurim and classes were attended to within the comforts of our own rooms. On the second day of our stay in Miggy, our British counterparts moved into the rooms next door. Our days consisted of socialising in the great outdoors, making Tiktok’s with the Brits through the clear mechitzah separating us, walking around a table countless of times to reach ten thousand steps, warding off mosquitos and encounters with the local wildlife (rog, reg, and big blind rabbit).






Shabbatot were incredible, Tisching until the early morning, and singing Kaballat Shabbat at a reasonable pace, were a few highlights that I am sure we will all remember till the end of time. After our 14 (or 15) days of Miggy were over, we ventured to Ein Prat and were treated to an incredible and beautiful hike.


Returning to the Rova was a homecoming of sorts. Walking through the streets that only a few months prior we didn’t even imagine any possibilities of return in the near future was inspirational.


We are all getting back into our regular schedules here at Midreshet Harova, and look forward to
the rest of the year in front of us!