Shnat 2019

Shnat blog #4 – Gush Update! – By Aron Rubinstein

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This past month has been jam packed! Following a wonderful Pesach break, we headed back to our respective Midrashot and Yeshivot. Despite being the longest zman of the year, the weeks have been broken up by different events and chagim. On Yom Hashoah we recited tehillim at night and on the following day heard from […]

Shnat 2018

Shnat blog #13 – Summer with MTA – By Gilad Meyerowitz

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After an intense kaytiz zman period at Eretz, summer began with the MTA boys trip to Poland and  Lithuania. The trip was a special and unique experience, of which everyone will recall for rest of our lives. Poland acted as an important educational experience both for our Jewish history, and in many ways, our present and […]